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Women’s relationship to the Union- Before the conflict, women were in mostly conservative roles, doing housework among other tasks. Once the men went off to war, women fulfilled the duties their husbands had done and their old ones as well. This made women care more about their rights, which in turn started the fire that would lead to many of the major gains women made after the war.

Women’s equality- Through the activities, women did during the war, Silber states that women were much close to equality than before the war. This is because women had gained a much larger role in society during the war. American society continued to give the Union women their enhanced roles, and this would help the push for equal rights.

Method- Silber-‘s use of point-of-view stories is that we get to see the many contributions that Union women made during the Civil War. It shows women having many of the same experiences and allows the audience to realize these stories weren’t the exception, they were the norm. The only disadvantage to this approach is that all the stories may not line up exactly with what Silber was trying to say.

What’s New in the Book- I knew women made extremely contributions to the war, as when the usual workforce in a conservative society leaves to fight women must also do more and fulfill more roles. I didn’t know, however, that this was the true beginning for the women’s rights movement in America that would get so many vital reforms through the government.

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