Week 8

  • Gabor Borritt’s thesis was that even though Meade was able to coordinate a huge win at the Battle of Gettysburg, Lincoln was upset that he didn’t pursue the retreating Army of Northern Virginia.
  • Borrit reveals to the reader that although Meade gave Lincoln arguably the largest victory of the Civil War, they didn’t have the best relationship. They always didn’t see eye to eye and Lincoln didn’t understand why Meade didn’t end Lee’s Army once and for all and chase them while they were retreating.
  • In Borritt’s essay he shares with the reader the differences in perspective between Lincoln and Meade. Meade was more defensive and believed that stopping the Confederates from invading the North was a victory. However, Lincoln didn’t think that was enough and wanted Meade to stop at nothing till the Confederates were truly defeated.
  • Lincoln was one of the greatest leaders in American history, yet, I believe that he could have done a better job sharing his beliefs to General Meade. If he was up front about wanting to be more aggressive, I think Meade might have chased Lee into the woods. To be an effective leader I feel as though you must give clear direction to your subordinates, this way there is no confusion at times such as this.


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