Week 12 Blake K

  1. Before the war, women’s role was typically at home, raising the family and taking care of things in the home while the males went and worked. With men on the front lines, women were plunged into the workforce and were able to start to gain recognition in various fields.
  2. I believe the fact that women had to be brought into the workforce was a great opportunity to take a step towards things such as suffrage. It showed that women were able to do the same thing that any man in that position would do, and was a good stepping stone towards equality.
  3. To construct a solid thesis, one must look at it from all angles and perspectives. Reading various literature and examining different thoughts and views from various women helped Silber analyze the bigger picture.
  4. I think it’s always great to look at the “homefront” aspect of any conflict, but it is incredibly fascinating when the war is being fought AT home. This drastically changes gender roles and responsibilities, but also drastically changes everyday life for average citizens of all races, creeds, and genders. No war machine can effectively run without the citizens of it’s respective nation making changes to their lives so it can happen.

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