Kyle Kenny Week 8

1 The victory was well deserved but it was not enough to stop the Confederates for good.

2 Although this was a great victory for Meade and the Union there was more that could have been done to defeat the Confederates. Lincoln went on to be displeased with the battle even thought it is the Unions possibly biggest battle win.

3 Meade and Lincoln were both against each other after the victory. Meade still did his job and him and the troops were excited while Lincoln would almost take this as a loss this would continue to affect their relationship. Lincoln felt Meade would not be the one to get the job done and win him the war.

4 Leadership was shown on behalf of both Meade and Lincoln but still they disagreed with the outcome of the battle. this should teach about disagreements. It was a big victory, instead of arguing with one another, they should have put their differences aside and celebrate the victory. Further arguing affected their relationship and trust. As a leader you must know when to enjoy the little things and when to let other things go, it is okay to bring it up to let others know but don’t hold a grudge and affect a relationship and the trust.

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