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Thesis Revisited- Cashin’s thesis was about resources, and how both armies needed them to continue to wage the war and the South ran out first. The war in the middle to stages was fought almost entirely in the South, so the Southern resources were used up much faster.

Timber- Timber was used in a lot of different ways by both the army and regular civilians. It was primarily needed for fires and building material but armies used it for ships and other important things. As timber got scarce, loyalty started to fade, and as soldiers started stealing it from people, this problem only got worse.

Habitat- Homes were affected in many ways and for many different reasons during the war. A big military one was the need for a central command center, like in the movie Gettysburg when Meade and his staff use a home. Homes, however, were affected in worse ways, often being destroyed because the family sympathized with one side. They also were appropriated so an army could gather the food and other useful resources from it. This also helped show the transformation into a total war, as the armies did this just to gain from it with no regard to the civilians.

American Mythology- I don’t believe this view is correct at all, as Cashin shows how brutal both armies were against the common civilian. This war wasn’t unique really and for it to be called that way is quite ignorant. As shown by Cashin, plenty of resource-related crimes occured and it very much hurt life in America.

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